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Free Legal Assistance

New information and links are periodically added to this page.  Please visit again soon for updates.

It is the firm belief of Cynthia D. Samuel, and in fact, it's the law, that all people shall have access to the courts.
If you are trying to get a free divorce, or other free legal assistance, or you need immediate assistance which cannot provide, and if you are unable to pay for an attorney, the links below may help you. 

By clicking on these links, you will leave the website.  Please save the site in your favorites, or remember the name, so that you may return soon for updated information.

Click here for Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, legal services for low income people.

Click here for a list of free legal assistance organizations in Louisiana.

Click here for free legal assistance with Domestic Violence matters.

Click here for free legal aid for low income people.

Click here for instructions on how to obtain a volunteer lawyer.

Click here for assistance in Child Support Enforcement in Louisiana.

Click here for court forms required by Orleans Parish Civil District Court.

Click here for court forms required by Jefferson Parish, 24th Judicial District Court.

If you do not qualify for services with those FREE legal assistance organizations, or reduced cost legal assistance organizations, or if you cannot wait on their waiting lists, you will need to hire an attorney.  In that case, return to,
or call Cynthia D. Samuel  for Louisiana cases (504) XXX-XXXX.

CAUTION: Be aware that many of these organizations have lengthy waiting lists or strict income requirements to get a free divorce or other free legal assistance. Many of the lawyers working with these organizations have enormous case loads and may not be able to give your case the attention YOU deserve. You may be surprised what reasonable rates Cynthia D. Samuel charges for divorces, especially uncontested divorces. Call if you don't want your name to go on a waiting list, and if you can pay something, you may be surprised. And remember to return to or email or call,
for Louisiana cases - (504) XXX-XXXX.

Note: is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by any of these organizations. provides you the links to this divorce, custody and child support information as a courtesy and public service to assist those indigent visitors to
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